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How do I cancel my booking?

Need to cancel?  Not a problem!  See how below.

On the web:

  • Go to the bookings page on your account.
  • Click the edit booking dropdown. 
  • Select 'Cancel Booking.'
  • Click 'No thanks, I'd like to cancel my booking.'

In the app:

  • Tap the bookings icon on the bottom left of your screen. 
  • Tap into the booking you want to cancel. 
  • Scroll down to the cancel booking button and tap. 
  • Tap 'I'd like to cancel my booking'.

Following the cancellation of your booking, you'll receive a confirmation email confirming the service has been canceled. 

Since Walmart collected the original payment, you'll need to contact them to request a refund:
Purchase your Angi service on
  • Contact Walmart support to request a refund,
    • You can give them a call at 1(800) 925-6278, or you chat with them here!
Purchase your Angi service through an in-store voucher?
  • Bring your receipt to the location you purchased it for a refund. 

Still need help? Contact us. We respond within minutes!

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